Dear SPS Families:
As you know, the SPS School Committee held its initial FY18 Budget Hearing this past Wednesday.  The FY18 budget presents many challenges, and we will be working diligently over the next months to address a substantial deficit.  The initial budget presented at the Budget Hearing included our contractual obligations for salaries and benefits as well as additional needs not included in the FY17 budget.  You may view the presentation here:  
The budget presented on 12/7/16 is a preliminary budget designed to identify needs and serve as a starting point for future discussion. There will be many adjustments as this process unfolds.  We are committed to preserving the high quality of education that is the hallmark of SPS.  Proposed cuts to balance the budget will undoubtedly include decreases in staffing across the school system (administrative, teaching, and support staff positions), as well as cuts in non-personnel expenses.  Unfortunately, with an overall increase of 2.25% ($923,250) and a benefits line item increase of 11% ($671,640), balancing the budget will require some very difficult decisions.  
The SPS School Committee has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday evening, December 13th at 7:30pmThis meeting will include a budget hearing from 7:30pm until 8:00pm.  Following the budget hearing, the Committee will discuss potential budget cuts to reduce the deficit. The SPS SC will also meet on Monday, December 19th at 7:30pm at which time they will vote on the preliminary budget.  Both meetings will be held at the Senior Center, 40 Fairbank Road.
As in the past, there will likely be many adjustments to the budget over the months leading up to Town Meeting. We will keep you informed during this process.  
Please share your thoughts regarding the budget at the upcoming SC meetings, via e-mail, or through Let's Talk.  
Anne Wilson
Superintendent of Schools